WJR’s Mike Rosenthal Featured in American Express Open Forum

Wagener, Johnson & Rosenthal’s Mike Rosenthal was recently featured in the American Express Open Forum.¬† Check out the February 1, 2012 article about the Top 4 Mistakes When Franchising Your Business.

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Beware of Fulton County Reassessments

Download PDF The Fulton County tax assessor has been reassessing commercial property over the last few years. As a result tax assessments on many Fulton County commercial properties has increased substantially. Most leases pass this expense onto the tenant. If you are looking at new space you want to ask for the building’s operating expenses […]

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Avoid Using Form Commercial Contracts

Download PDF Pre printed form commercial sales agreements contain pitfalls for buyers unaware that the form is silent on many provisions that are critical to specific types of corporate and real estate transactions. I recently reviewed a form commercial sales agreement that addressed the sale of a business along with the commercial real estate. The […]

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Residential and General Contractors Need License in Georgia

Download PDF I thought I would pass along information about a new law. As of July 1, 2008 residential and general contractors who do work in Georgia must obtain a license from the State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors. All applicants will have to pass a two part examination and pay a licensing […]

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Georgia Non competes, Do the Risks Outweigh the Benefits

Download PDF The most recent Atlanta Business Chronicle included an article that SunTrust was relieving certain of its corporate officers from their non compete agreements. The article further discussed the most important aspect of non competes when you hire a chief executive officer or a salesperson in Georgia. In our state, non competes are very […]

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Are You Aware of What Your General Liability Insurance Does Not Cover?

Download PDF Many business owners do not realize their general liability insurance policies do not cover liability exposure created by employee benefit programs that their company offers. Bill Snellings, owner of the Snellings Walters Insurance Agency in Sandy Springs, explains the issue this way: “Most business owners do not realize the liability exposures that are […]

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Make Sure Employees Initial Arbitration Clauses in Employment Agreement

Download PDF You may not be aware that under Georgia law an arbitration clause in an employment agreement is unenforceable unless the employee specifically initials the arbitration provision. As always, your trusted legal resource for practical advice.  

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How Can You Protect Yourself When A Customer Goes Bankrupt?

Download PDF In the coming months, you may find your customers are having grave financial difficulty and may file for bankruptcy protection. It may shock you when you receive a letter from the bankruptcy court trustee demanding return of payments your customer had made to you within 90 days of their filing for bankruptcy. What […]

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How Your Contractor’s Financial Difficulties Can Affect Your Ability to Collect Your Tenant Improvement Allowance

Download PDF This is a problem that has come across my desk lately that you should avoid. Most commercial leases require that the tenant obtain a lien waiver from the general contractor and its subcontractors prior to receiving its buildout allowance from a landlord. Contractor Financial Difficulty If a general contractor cannot pay its subs […]

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LLC and S-corp Issues

Download PDF I am using this installment of my practical legal advice column to advise you I will be part of the National Business Institute faculty on March 25, 2009 discussing LLC, C corp and S corp issues. I have attached a link to the brochure below. If you are unable to attend and would […]

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