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Estate Planning & Probate

Roger A. Kirschenbaum, P.C. takes the lead in the estate planning and probate services for high net worth and business clients of Wagner, Johnston & Rosenthal, along with the other attorneys of the firm when needed to develop, prepare and implement planning that addresses the clients’ personal and tax needs.

Estate Planning –  Estate planning involves much more that simply drafting Wills, trusts and other documents. The process often requires participation with other financial advisors to fully understand the best strategies for dealing with a client’s wealth. Our attorneys often have to ask questions that may be difficult for clients to answer. We start with family first. The personal aspects of our clients’ lives; their spouse, children, grandchildren, siblings, and charities set the direction of drafting goals. Then our attorneys can turn their attention to the estate, gift and income tax issues that may affect the best choices in reaching those goals. When closely-held businesses are involved we help strategize succession planning.

Over the years our attorneys have been involved with preparing documents over the broad spectrum of estate planning techniques, from simple Wills to all forms of documents to implement complex estate tax plans. We would look forward to talking with anyone looking for direction in this process.

Probate – Probate is the process by which a Court deals with the estate of someone who has passed away by appointing an Executor or Administrator to represent the estate in winding up the affairs of the deceased and distributing the estate to the intended persons. An effectively drafted Will and other planning documents can minimize the amount of supervision of the estate by the Probate Court. Probate of estates of people who die without Wills (intestate) also requires legal assistance in order to properly have the estate administered. Our attorneys have substantial experience both in probating Wills, handling intestate situations, and facilitating the administration of estates.

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Roger A. Kirschenbaum


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